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How does this service differ from any of the hundreds of military job fairs out there?

Degreed Military is not a job fair.  It is a program designed to connect military / veteran students and graduates with recruiters they may not otherwise come into contact with on campus or at military bases.

Most service members don’t realize that large companies have several different recruiting channels they can use to find a way in.

  1. Many large companies have dedicated university/college recruiting divisions that focus solely on filling internships and early talent roles (for those who have graduated within last 1-3 years).  These university teams do not attend typical military job fairs, so you will not find out about their opportunities by attending base fairs or similar events.
  2. Large companies also have recruiters that focus only on experienced hires, and would prefer to speak with degreed candidates with more than 3 years of civilian work experience. These recruiters also do not typically attend military base fairs or similar veteran career fairs.

Rather than a job fair, our monthly virtual information sessions are used by university recruiters, experienced hire recruiters AND military recruiters to network with you, showcase their opportunities and explain their hiring processes, so you will see and learn of opportunities that would not otherwise be presented to you.

If you happen to be actively looking for work, the recruiters can direct you.  If you are more than 90 days away from actively looking for work, this is a great opportunity to make connections and learn about the employers and join their talent networks to receive more updates.

Do I have to be a currently enrolled student to participate?

Degreed Military events are open to  currently enrolled or degreed military members (Active Duty, Army ROTC, Guard or Reserve), veterans and spouses. You should either be working toward a degree or already possess a degree.

Is there a cost for military members to participate?

No – there is no cost for military members/veterans/spouses to participate in the monthly virtual information sessions.

How do I register for an upcoming information session?

Go to the Monthly Virtual Information Sessions page and click the registration link next to the event you wish to attend and answer a few brief questions. You will receive reminders about the event.  On the day of the event, simply log in using the link you were emailed.

If you register at least 1 day prior to the event, you will be pre-assigned to a break out room based on your degree.  If you register the day of the event, you will need to initiate a chat with the event host once you enter the event and ask to be placed into a breakout room.

If you have dual degrees in different areas, or your degree does not align with your work experience, you can exit the pre-assigned breakout room and ask the host to assign you to a different room.

What info will I need to provide to register?

When you register for a general information session you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Basics: name, email
  • Phone number (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Students: degree program, anticipated graduation date
  • Graduates: degree program and available to work date
  • LinkedIn profile URL (optional, but highly recommended)

Resumes are not requested at registration, but it is a good idea to have your resume accessible (if you have one) in case a recruiter asks you to email it to him/her.

When are the virtual information sessions?

The complete schedule can be found at the Monthly Virtual Information Sessions page.  We publish events about 3 months in advance. You can, and are encouraged to, register for more than one event, as the list of participating employers changes with each event.

For the virtual information sessions, do I have to register in advance or can I just sign up on the day of the event?

You can do either.

If you are able to register at least 1 day in advance, you will be pre-assigned into a breakout room by degree. This can save you time once the event starts.

If you register the day of the event, once you join the event you will need to ask the event host to assign you into a breakout room so you can connect with employers. Know that if a lot of people wait until the day of an event to register, you may need to wait in a queue until the host can assign you.

How do virtual information sessions work?

Virtual information sessions allow students and graduates to network with employers and learn about internships and jobs at various companies without the need to travel or take significant time off of work. They also are held monthly, so you don’t have to wait very long for an opportunity to meet with employers, and you can attend as many virtual information sessions as you like.

Recruiters will be clearly identified by company name (i.e., Suzie / ABC Company). You may initiate a chat with any recruiter.  Some recruiters may have a short presentation they will show in the breakout room.

How can I best prepare to meet employers at the virtual information sessions?

Other than doing some research on participating employers, we suggest joining the virtual information session early while the recruiters are “fresh” and ready to speak with you.  Unlike base mega-fairs or other large military career fairs, these events are smaller and more concentrated with jobs that need your experience, so you can reasonably expect to speak with every participating employer in about 90 minutes.

While you can participate in a virtual event from any device (smart phone, tablet or computer) that has internet access, we recommend you find a spot with strong internet access so you don’t drop connection in the middle of a chat. Also, finding a spot that is quiet and not heavily trafficked will help you have a better conversation if the recruiter wants to connect with you via a quick phone call rather than strictly chat.

We use Zoom for these information sessions, so if you do not already have the Zoom app downloaded to your device, please do that before the event starts.

Are internships available year-round?

Many employers will begin marketing and open the application window for their summer 2021 internships in August 2020.  Typically there is a short window to apply (often only 2-4 weeks) and selections are made by November.

Some employers do an additional round of internship marketing in late winter (Jan – Feb), so additional opportunities may appear in late January.

Other employers have year-round recruiting cycles for internships and leadership development programs. So, internships or development programs are of interest to you, we recommend you attend information sessions year round so you get information about the application process and deadlines early.

Are the internships offered by employers paid or unpaid?

The vast majority of internships offered by participating employers are paid. Employers may or may not provide/pay for housing and transportation during the internship, so be sure to read the application and/or ask the recruiters for those details.

Did you know:

  • Some employers only hire new college graduates that have completed an internship at their company?
  • You have a 70% chance of receiving an offer if you complete one internship with a company and that chance increases to 90% if you complete a second internship with the same company

How likely am I to get an internship or job if I participate in the virtual information sessions?

No career fair or information event can guarantee you an internship or job.

Every employer participating in this event has a different set of needs. Where there is a match between their needs and your degree + military skills + geographic specifications, it is likely you will receive at least an exploratory call/email.  We encourage you to respond to those calls/emails as quickly as you can to show your interest in learning more about the opportunity(ies) for which the recruiter thinks you are a match.

These monthly virtual information sessions are intended to make it easier for you to meet and connect with companies year round that may not otherwise make it out to your location to recruit in person.  Having that broader network of contacts plus company info is what can make a difference in your finding the best job/internship.