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What types of student veterans will be participating? Do graduates also participate?

Degreed Military events are open to currently enrolled and degreed veterans and military members (Active Duty, ROTC, Guard or Reserve) as well as military spouses.  This makes the program ideal to find great, diverse candidates with leadership experience for your internships, early talent roles AND experienced positions.

What are the typical attendee demographics?

Click here to see a summary of past attendee demographics, including stats on degree type and field, graduation date and window of availability for hire.

We are interested in attending events that have a strong population of a certain type of degree. How do we know which event(s) to select?

As the monthly employer information sessions are open to all military students and degreed candidates, there is no one event that will have a concentration of one type of degree.

If connecting to a targeted population with a certain type of degree would be of value to your recruiting efforts, we offer the opportunity to procure a private virtual event just for your company.  Then that private event would be marketed specifically to attract job/internship seekers that meet your requirements.  Details and pricing are found here.

What information is being collected from job seekers at registration?

Students are asked to provide the following information when registering for events:

    • Basics: name, email
    • Phone number (optional, but highly recommended)
    • Students: degree program, anticipated graduation date
    • Graduates: degree program and available to work date
    • LinkedIn profile URL (optional, but highly recommended)


When are the virtual events being held?

Degreed Military information sessions occur monthly.  The schedule is listed here.  Employers can also secure a dedicated virtual event just for their company, and have it targeted for certain degrees and/or regions. Visit Contact For Participation Info for more details and pricing.

What option do I have to access resumes if I cannot participate in a virtual event?

As of January 2020 Degreed Military changed its platform and no longer collects resumes as part of the registration process.  We do ask for LinkedIn profiles.

All participating employers are provided a full contact list of students & graduates who registered for their event. You may use this list to contact the students / graduates directly and ask for a resume or for them to sign up for your talent network.

What is the cost and how do I register for a virtual information session?

Visit Contact For Participation Info to see pricing, send a more detailed inquiry, and/or to begin the registration process.

What payment methods do you accept? Can I be invoiced?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, ACH/EFT or business check.  You can also request to have an invoice sent to you.  Our terms are Net-30, so if you want to attend an event that is less than 30 days from now, you will need to use a credit card or select a different event.

Visit Contact For Participation Info for pricing, registration links and to request an invoice.